We connect your points of sale (POS) with your online store, accounting system or ERP system, synchronizing inventory and customer information for a fully integrated commercial experience. We turn your online store and POS into a powerful sales engine with advanced features proven to increase customer conversion and retention. We turn every purchasing moment into your next sale.

Manage your entire business from one place.

Offer a comfortable shopping experience to your customers both in your physical store and online.

Picked up in store

Manage and prepare orders for store pickup directly from the POS.

Buy online, make changes and returns in store.

Accept changes to purchases made online or in another store and keep inventory up to date.

Reduce errors and increase profits from one place using the app's smart recommendations.

Purchase orders

Create purchase orders for suppliers.

Demand forecast

Receive inventory purchasing suggestions based on seasonality or recent product performance.

Inventory transfers

Request stock transfer from your other locations and track incoming and outgoing merchandise.

Low Stock Reports

When inventory levels decrease, you receive warnings based on each supplier's current sales pace and lead time.

Sale Item Suggestions

Find out which products are not selling so you can free up cash and inventory.

Inventory analysis

Decide which products are worth reordering and which aren't with the stock performance-based ranking system.

Inventory tweaks

Keep track of changes to your stock levels.

Inventory counts

Use a barcode scanner to reconcile store inventory with your records.

Inventory receipt

Perform accurate inventory counts of incoming orders using a barcode scanner.

Detailed inventory reports

Anticipate trends and plan with confidence with reports on your locations and inventory.

Inventory Tracking

Keep your inventory in order and assign products to different sales channels and branches. Your count will automatically update when an order is fulfilled.

Control permissions and track employee performance from one place.

Task monitoring

Indicate which actions your employees need a supervisor's approval for, for example, to apply discounts or change taxes.

Unlimited employees at the point of sale

Add employees and manage their permissions.

Roles and permissions

Assign custom roles to store employees, ensuring they have the appropriate permissions.

Attributes sales to employees

Attribute sales to employees to motivate them to continue growing.

Employee Point of Sale PIN

Give employees unique pins to log into the point of sale.

Create customer profiles

Create a customer profile when completing a sale in your physical or online store.

Complete customer profiles

Keep track of contact information, purchase history, total spend, customer notes, labels, shipping address, taxes, and marketing preferences.

Orders history

When customers shop online or in-store, their order information is automatically synchronized.

Contact your clients

Contact customers from Shopify POS via email, SMS, or phone.

Reward loyalty online and in store

Create lasting relationships and reward your loyal customers with exclusive events, discounts or content.

Marketing preferences

Collect emails and phone numbers at checkout to inform your customers about upcoming offers or new products.

Customer tags

Assign different tags to your customers to segment them. You will be able to filter your clients with different conditions that will make your communications more meaningful.

Offer a seamless experience in all your sales for both your customers and your staff.


Modify orders received online and in physical store and your inventory will be updated automatically.

Save and recover carts

Easily manage, save and retrieve carts for a quick checkout.

Custom printed receipts

Customize receipts with your website URL, store policies, hours, or promotions.

Payments anywhere

Complete a purchase no matter where you are by simply carrying your mobile phone.

Customizable smart menu

Speed ​​up checkout with customizable checkout based on cart actions to save your employees time.

Discount codes

Apply discount or promotion codes in your physical and online store.


Taxes are calculated automatically based on your store location. You can disable taxes or set specific taxes for a specific product or order.

Personalized receipts by email or SMS

Send personalized receipts by email or SMS and save your contact list to send communications to your clients whenever you want.

Personalized discounts

Apply discounts by an exact amount or percentage to entire carts or individual items.

Order Notes

Keep track of special requests and details by adding a note to your orders.

Custom sale

Group items to establish a price when finalizing a sale in a physical store.

Barcode scanner on your mobile

Scan product barcode labels with your iOS device's camera.

Offline cash transactions

Accept cash payments to complete transactions offline.


Process returns for physical or online purchases and your inventory will be updated automatically.

Daily sales reports

Make decisions based on actionable insights about sales, products, and employee performance. You will be able to consult them compiled in a daily report that is generated directly.

General information panel

Get general information about your entire online business and your physical store at a glance.

Sales reports

View, analyze and export sales by employees, branches, period or clients.

Track cash transactions

Accurately track the expected cash balance from your POS.

Cash flow reports

Find out when you will receive money from physical and online sales.

Product reports

Receive useful information about which products are selling and which are not.

Discount reports

Track the performance of your promotions and optimize your strategy at any time.

Inventory reports

See a monthly summary of your inventory and track the amount and percentage of inventory sold each day.

Financial reports

Generate reports to review your finances, with information on sales, returns, taxes, payments and more.

Attract your customers to your physical and online store.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs keep customers coming back. Offering incentives for customers to purchase online or in-store is easy with Shopify's online loyalty and point-of-sale integration.

Product Reviews

Encourage customers to leave product reviews that you can use in your online store to encourage other sales.

Email marketing

Get your customers' emails at checkout and develop your email marketing strategy.

Integration with social networks

Create campaigns to connect with your customers and increase your physical and online sales.

Google Merchant Center

Promote your store and automatically sync products and information with Google Merchant Center.

How can we help you?

We help you establish a solid foundation to grow with Shopify's unified commerce platform. This will give you a single back office to manage all your products, customers and analytics, saving you time and improving your access to key information for your business.

We connect your points of sale (POS) with your online store or ERP system, synchronizing inventory and customer information for a fully integrated commercial experience.

It is not necessary to start from scratch. We will help you transfer data from your current POS to your new POS and E-commerce platform.

Selling through multiple sales channels can be a new experience. We support you on this journey by creating a strategy on how you can sell products on Instagram, Facebook, Shop and more. This is a way to generate income and exposure for the brands you work with with little effort.

Integrating an online and in-store loyalty program, exploring emerging opportunities, developing new marketing strategies, and activating new sales channels are possible once you have unified your operations. Our job is to help you prioritize and execute these ideas and others you may develop.

Managing inventory in different in-store and online systems creates unreliable data and creates unnecessary work for you. We provide a single inventory that can be published on all channels to simplify inventory management.

Often, merchants have been too busy managing their current in-store and/or online channels to think about selling through new ones. We help you add new channels to increase sales with minimal additional effort.

Loyalty programs keep customers coming back.

Virtual selling and clienteling give sales associates new ways to sell products from the store to customers around the world.